SKV Bike Tour – Harman

SKV Bike Tour – Harman

Update 20.04.219 – As the weather is unfavorable and there are few people entered, the tour will be canceled. We’ll reprogram it on another occasion. Until then, we are waiting for the next tour of Vulcan on 11.05.2019.

The SKV Brasov Association, in collaboration with the Johanna Kroner’s Tales Tour and the Harman Evangelical Church, have the pleasure of inviting you to a Bike tour, combined with a unique cultural program. It consists of celebrating the Holy Mass in the Harman Fortified Church, followed by a tour of the fortification, led by Johanna Kroner’s Tales Tour . We will find less known details about the life and organization of the Saxons in Brasov, why they built fortifications around their churches and many other interesting information.

This activity will take place on Sunday 21 April 2019 and is open to everyone interested.

The Mountain Bike Tour will take place on the following route: Brasov (Coresi Shopping Resort) – Sanpetru – Harman (Liturgy + guided visit of the fortification) – Bod (unguided visit) – Sanpetru – Brasov (Coresi Shopping Resort). The difficulty of the route is 2/5, it will take about 6-7 hours, along with the cultural program.

The departure tour will take place at Coresi Shopping Resort in Brasov at 08:00, and then on the route at 08:20. The route will be exclusively on the road, so the participants can come with both road and mountain bikes.

The program of the day will be the following:

08:00 – Meeting of the participants in the bike tour in Coresi Shopping Resort Brasov parking lot.

08:20 – Departure to Sanpetru – Harman

09:00 – Celebration of Easter Liturgy.

10:30 – Start tur ghidat cu Johanna Kroner’s Tales Tour

12:00 – Plecare spre Bod si vizitare biserica Fortificata

13:00 – Plecare spre Sanpetru si Brasov. 

Costul pentru participarea la acest program este de 50 de ron/persoana  si se va achita fie prin transfer bancar(de preferat) in contul asociatiei RO22 RZBR 0000 0600 1761 4227 Raiffeisen Bank Brasov, fie cash in ziua turului. Am prefera ca participantii sa achite direct in banca, deoarece va fi dificil sa completam chitante in ziua respectiva. 

Daca sunt persoane care doresc sa participe numai la programul cultural, atunci sunt invitate sa precizeze acest lucru in formularul de inscriere si sa ajunga inainte de ora 09.00 la Biserica Evanghelica din Harman, deoarece pe parcursul liturghiei, portile fortificatiei vor fi inchise.

Participantii la tura de bike sunt rugati sa vina pregatiti cu: bicicleta si casca, camere de schimb sau petice, haine uscate de schimb, bidon apa pentru hidratare, pelerina ploaie, mancare la pachet, voie buna. De asemenea, participarea la liturghie, nu se va putea face in echipamentul  de ciclism, ci fiecare participant trebuie sa aiba haine adecvate unei astfel de celebrari(pantaloni lungi si o bluza cu maneci lungi).

Tura se va desfasura numai pe drumuri publice. Fiecare participant, isi asuma responsabilitatea pentru respectarea regulilor de circulatie pe drumurile publice. Minorii pot participa la tura numai insotiti de parinti sau de un adult.

The participation is only based on the online completion of this FORM,  which must be printed, signed and handed over to the organizers (unfortunately, the GDPR rules force us to have signatures, not just the on-line form is enough) on the day of departure or at Coresi, either at the Harman Evangelical Church.

For questions and further details, please contact us at 0743. 059.154 or at